Check out the OpsAnalitica Way: focusing on the fundamentals of restaurant management which produces results for multi-unit restaurant operators.

In this short demo you will learn how OpsAnalitica clients are:

  • Lowering Food Cost by 1-2%
  • Decreasing Critical Violations by over 50%
  • Increasing Employee Productivity by Over 1%
  • Boosting Sales by Up To 1%

All by simply getting back to the basics of blocking and tackling on a day by day, shift by shift basis.

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Doug Davis

COO, BEC Group

"What I like is the versatility for the cost. I mean just to digitize my time and temp inspections is worth the price, but we're getting so much more."

Nick Papagianakis

Regional Manager, CB Brands

We are running better restaurants and have higher sales since implementing the OpsAnalitica Platform.

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