Take a hold of your daily operations processes with OpsAnalitica. 

Why OpsAnalitica? 

Because our platform was created by someone in your exact position looking for a solution to help restaurant operators be the best they can be every single shift. By merging the passions of restaurant management and business process efficiency OpsAnalitica has become the #1 solution for identifying and remediating problems, in real-time, before they affect the business negatively.

Benefits of OpsAnalitica 

We make your managers' job easier by allowing them to focus on guest interaction and coaching/mentoring employees. 

Real-time data is available to above store leaders so they are able to make business decisions with a complete and accurate data set thus avoiding million dollar mistakes

Contactless Auditing allows field teams to conduct location audits safely and efficiently with real-time collaboration. Field teams and location managers conduct audits together on separate devices without risking employee health. 

Sound Familiar?

  • "My current processes are outdated, paper based systems that don't provide any visibility or accountability into my daily operations."
  • Most of my customer service issues could have been easily avoided had we executed properly."
  • "My current software system is a one size fits all application that applies to all my locations when in reality they are all a little different and require different procedures. So my teams are wasting time on tasks that don't matter and missing ones that do."
  • "Most of the data I'm using to base decisions on is lagging indicator data. I need to be more proactive."

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Ryan Sneed

Corporate Executive Chef, KC Hopps

"The State Health Department required bulletproof management of our commissary operation and OpsAnalitica was exactly the solution we needed. Moreover, temperature logging and HACCP compliance is a breeze with the OpsAnaltica digital platform. We should have done this years ago."

Justin Futterman

Sr. Project Mgr. Ops Services, Qdoba

When asked how OpsAnalitica makes Qdoba more nimble:We were able to deploy employee health screening to all of our locations within a couple of hours.

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