Sound Familiar?

  • "I spend money every quarter on paper binders full checklists that I know my teams are pencil whipping."
  • "My automated checklist/audit solution asks all questions at all locations even though each location is a little bit different so my teams are wasting time on questions that don't matter."
  • "I'm not aware of potential issues until it's too late."
  • "I have no idea if my high risk food items are being cooked and held at the proper temp."

Good News! OpsAnalitica can:

  • Proactively communicate with you and bubble up potential issues
  • Dynamically create location based checklists/audits
  • Reduce food safety risk and ensure consistency at every location, every shift

OpsAnalitica does all of this and more for less cost than the traditional Red Book.

If you are using the Red Book (or equivalent) or an outdated, one size fits all digital product today you owe it to yourself to check out a smarter solution with more value for less cost.

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Ryan Sneed

Corporate Executive Chef, KC Hopps

"The State Health Department required bulletproof management of our commissary operation and OpsAnalitica was exactly the solution we needed. Moreover, temperature logging and HACCP compliance is a breeze with the OpsAnaltica digital platform. We should have done this years ago."

Nick Papagianakis

Regional Manager, CB Brands

We are running better restaurants and have higher sales since implementing the OpsAnalitica Platform.

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