Take a hold of your daily restaurant operations and food safety compliance workflows with OpsAnalitica.

Why OpsAnalitica?

Because our platform was created by someone in your exact position looking for a solution to help restaurant operators be the best they can be every single shift. By merging the passions of restaurant management and business process efficiency OpsAnalitica has become the #1 solution for automating Restaurant Ops Execution and Food Safety Compliance processes.

What makes OpsAnalitica different?

  • It's simpler to use
  • It adds more value

How do we do this?

OpsAnalitica is simpler to use because processes in our solution are tailored not just down to the brand, but to the exact location, shift and team member. Streamlining the processes to this level reduces stress for team members and reduces labor costs for operators.

OpsAnalitica adds more value by being simple to use, easy to manage, and offering an efficient customized end user experience.

Sound Familiar?

  • "My current processes are outdated, paper based systems that don't provide any visibility or accountability into my daily operations."
  • "My current software system is a one size fits all application that applies to all my locations when in reality they are all a little different and require different procedures. So my teams are wasting time on tasks that don't matter and missing ones that do."
  • "We require a custom solution that isn't complicated to manage and deploy chain-wide."
  • "We need an easy to use solution that isn't going to cost us $50-$100 per location."

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Ryan Sneed

Corporate Executive Chef, KC Hopps

"The State Health Department required bulletproof management of our commissary operation and OpsAnalitica was exactly the solution we needed. Moreover, temperature logging and HACCP compliance is a breeze with the OpsAnaltica digital platform. We should have done this years ago."

Nick Papagianakis

Regional Manager, CB Brands

We are running better restaurants and have higher sales since implementing the OpsAnalitica Platform.

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